B12 AND LIPO B12 SHOTS Hampstead, MD

At Spirited Aesthetics and Wellness, your overall health and wellness is the top priority. Sometimes our bodies lack the necessary nutrients to operate at their best and the results become more noticeable over time. Whether it be feeling sluggish or a noticeably slower metabolism, you could have a vitamin deficiency. Our diets often lack the vitamins and nutrients that we need. Based on your symptoms and concerns, a B12 or Lipo B12 shot may be what you need. Heather will assess your overall health and determine if one of the B12 shots we offer is the right solution.


If you feel sluggish and are looking for a way to increase your energy, B12 shots may be the solution. At Spirited, we will assess your health to determine if you are struggling with a deficiency in vitamin B12. B12 is a building block for metabolic functions, immune health in the body, and a normal functioning nervous system, keeping your nerves and blood cells healthy. Although symptoms can mirror other deficiencies and illnesses, the effects of a B12 deficiency can be fatigue, confusion, and lower metabolism. B12 shots can provide immediate results and can be repeated to maintain the necessary levels to keep your body functioning at its best.
B12 AND LIPO B12 SHOTS Heather speert rn
B12 AND LIPO B12 SHOTS Heather speert rn


The LipoB12 shot uses B12 and amino acids to help your body speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster than it normally does. You may notice a diminished metabolism as you get older, and LipoB12 shots are formulated with vitamins and amino acids that increase energy and metabolism, reduce fat built up in the body, and packs a powerful punch to boost immunity. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can see a reduction in stored fat around 30 days after your Lipo B12 shot.
  • What is B12?

    B12 is a necessary vitamin that helps with metabolic functions, immunity, and a well-functioning nervous system.

  • What is Lipo B12?

    Lipotropic B12 is a combination of B12 and amino acids to helps to speed up a slowed metabolism and give your body an immune boost.

  • What do these shots treat?

    Both B12 and Lipo B12 shots are used to boost a B12 vitamin deficiency in the body. They are beneficial in giving the immune system a boost and increasing energy.

  • How many do I need?

    At Spirited Aesthetics and Wellness, we can assess your overall health and wellness to determine the frequency of B12 or Lipo B12 shots.

  • When will I see results?

    You will be able to feel results immediately after your B12 and Lipo B12 injections!

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