Dr. Uggowitzer serves as the Medical Director for Spirited Aesthetics and Wellness. A board-certified Family Physician and the sole owner of Carroll Family Medicine, Dr. Peter Uggowitzer has served the population of Hampstead, Maryland, and the surrounding area, with high-quality medical care for over 25 years. Dr. Uggowitzer provides a wide range of traditional family medicine services, including managing chronic medical conditions, Geriatric care, behavioral and mental health consultations, and aesthetic care. He performs minor surgeries, such as closing open wounds, removing moles and skin tags, and cryotherapy to treat warts and other skin issues. Additionally, he provides corticosteroid joint and soft tissue injections to ease pain and manage arthritis.

Please visit https://www.carrollfamilymed.com to learn more about Dr. Uggowitzer, his family medicine practice, and his impeccable comprehensive patient care.