Wellevate Hampstead, MD

Wellevate offers medical-grade supplements and products that are third-party checked for quality. These products are sold at a discount and if you order $50 or more S&H is free.
They also offer expert protocols and copious amounts of information. The convenience of a virtual dispensary has enhanced the way that we do business at Spirited Aesthetics. With the Wellevate mobile app, you can view and receive custom recommendations from Wellevate gives you the freedom to order your supplements from wherever you are and have them shipped directly to your door. With auto-refills, you never run out of the products that you need, and your checkout process is safe and secure. Ask Heather about Wellevate and how it can work for you!

What Is Wellevate?

Wellevate is an innovative online patient dispensary developed by Emerson Ecologics. This user-friendly platform allows patients to easily order from over 300 leading brands from any device, with no more “out-of-stock” messages for your favorite products. It also helps practitioners ensure their patients are following the recommended protocol correctly. With Wellevate, you can purchase natural health, beauty products, supplements, and herbs with confidence.

Wellevate Benefits

Wellevate offers an unrivaled selection of pharmaceutical-grade supplements, as well as cutting-edge protocols from leading practitioners. Shopping with Wellevate comes with a number of benefits, including free shipping on orders over $50, easy ordering and reordering with the Wellevate app, and excellent customer service provided by the concierge team. With Wellevate, you can customize your dosage frequency, timing, and duration and get reminders to reorder when it’s time. Additionally, Wellevate is HIPAA and PCI-compliant, ensuring the highest level of safety and security.

Why order from the Wellevate Dispensary?

If you’re in need of professional-grade supplements, Wellevate is the place to go. Their selection of quality products is unmatched, and you can trust 100% that every one of the products you receive is fresh and safe. Plus, with their dispensary, you can be sure that your supplements are coming from a reliable source, so you don’t have to worry about any unknowns. Shopping with Wellevate is a great way to get quality supplements without extra stress.


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